When we launched Fern Health in 2019, we built our digital musculoskeletal pain program on a foundation of best-in-class pain management practices. We worked closely with pain specialists at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, in consultation with their clinical collaborators at the world-renowned Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, to develop the program along with leaders in digital health.

Now, we’re excited to announce an official, long-term collaboration Massachusetts General Hospital beyond our initial product development.

For employers, this news means that for the first time, their employees can access the country’s highest-quality musculoskeletal pain care from anywhere, through the Fern Health program.

Access to musculoskeletal pain care is a significant issue: 50% of Americans put off medical care because of costs. During COVID-19, 65% of patients surveyed said that they plan to avoid non-emergency healthcare services during the pandemic.

With Fern Health, our members find pain relief virtually through personalized exercise therapy, pain neuroscience education, and one-on-one health coaching.

A new era for MSK care personalization 

We also know that lack of personalization and access to multi-modal treatment are additional barriers to pain recovery. Pain management is not one-size-fits all, and research shows that the more personalized a care program, the better the results.

Through our new collaboration, we are deepening and accelerating our personalized programs by incorporating an expansive dataset of more than 10 million de-identified health records into our predictive analytics. With data from comprehensive health records, Fern is quickly leapfrogging “one-size-fits-all” programs to create personalized pathways for all of our members.

Fern Health brings together the best of both worlds: The nimbleness and technological ingenuity of a startup, combined with the clinical rigor and proven experience of the country’s leading pain experts. Our new, long-term collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital allows us to connect more people with truly personalized medicine for pain, delivered in a format that works for real life.

Learn how Fern Health can reduce musculoskeletal pain costs at your company.

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