Reduce pain without surgery or the inappropriate use of opioids, from anywhere

1 in 2 people suffer from musculoskeletal (MSK) pain

It’s the most common reason for disability, loss of work, and why adults go to the doctor
It’s one of the most common reasons for an opioid prescription

Current solutions of ineffective and invasive procedures have inflated treatment costs and limited relief

Non-invasive multimodal care, which includes education, exercise therapy, and health coaching, is the most effective combination treatment.

However, most people receive traditional physical therapy which is less effective than multimodal care.

There’s a better way to treat MSK pain

For people who suffer from joint and back pain, Fern is a digitally-delivered program available through employers

Fern’s virtual 8-week evidence-based and non-invasive program includes:


Personalized exercise therapy

Pain neuroscience education

Virtual 1:1 health coaching

How the Fern program works

Fully Covered

Fully covered by employers

Completely free from your employer, no insurance claims to submit

Fully Covered

Delivered digitally, with full remote access

No waiting, no appointments necessary, available anytime and anywhere on your phone

Dedicated support from a health coach

Personalized guidance on goal setting and modifications of member care plans

Clinically validated exercise and education treatment programs

Evidence-based and non-invasive programs designed to get people healthier faster

Fern reduces functional pain symptoms without surgery or the inappropriate use of opioids.



4 in 5


Take control of pain management and get moving today

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