Fern Health’s advice was featured in Fond.io:

COVID-19 has changed everything about how we work, including the kind of support employees need. Remote care for mental health has spiked, telemedicine services are more popular than ever, and exercise programs have moved online. So much about how we live and work has changed, including employee benefits like corporate wellness programs.

Corporate employee wellness programs improve engagement and reduce healthcare costs by making it easier for employees to access the care they need to stay healthy. Programs can include gym reimbursements, health coaching, nutrition support, and disease management tools for chronic conditions.

As businesses wait to return to normal — a process that will most likely happen in stages — remote resources and virtual programs will continue to be valuable for months to come. Whether HR teams are focused on providing resources to remote workers now or building a wellness program that meets future needs, it’s critical to consider how COVID-19 has changed what employees need and expect from a corporate wellness program.

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