Fern Health
Fern Health

Get relief from low back, knee, or hip pain,
from anywhere, for free

Introducing Fern Health, a 100% remote program for low back, knee, and hip pain, now available free for employees.

Limited memberships available!

It’s like having a physical therapist in your pocket.


Who can join Fern?

Fern Health could be right for you if:

Low Back Pain

You’ve had low back, knee, or hip pain for over 3 months

Fern Health is specifically designed to address chronic low back pain.


Your company offers Fern

Fern Health is part of your benefits package and is available at no cost to you.

iPhone User

You’re an iPhone user

Currently Fern Health is only available on the iPhone. If you’re an Android user, please email support@fernhealth.com and we’ll let you know when we launch Fern on Android.

How does Fern help pain?

Exercise therapy

Restorative therapy designed with leading pain specialists to help you feel better, faster.

Pain neuroscience education

Interactive skill building and educational articles address the brain’s role in pain for lasting relief.

One-on-one health coaching

Get personalized guidance over the phone and through messaging with your Health Coach.

Why you’ll love Fern!

Available anytime, anywhere

No copay or deductible

Personalized support

Free welcome kit

Fern has definitely helped me with my back strength, mobility, and pain.


Frequently asked questions

Your HR department will share instructions on how to sign up using your company code. Memberships are limited!

As soon as you download the app and enter your company code, you can start your program! There are a limited number of memberships available. You’ll see an alert in the app if all of the memberships have been claimed.

Multiple research studies have found that the combination of exercise and education leads to the best results for chronic pain. Fern was created in collaboration with pain specialists to bring clinically-validated protocols together in an easy-to-use, digital format.

All you need to use the Fern program is an iPhone.

It’s time to start feeling better.